2013/04/10 Kristie Hawthorne – History of Oceanside Airport


Kristie Hawthorne and Ron Rand

Kristie Hawthorne of the Oceanside Historical Society gave us an interesting overview of the four airfields that have existed in Oceanside. A side of Oceanside that is little known. Ranging from a location next to the ocean that was used to catapult gliders off the bluffs using a large elastic cord and 24 people to the site that was adjacent to Oceanside Boulevard.

2012/10/03 Agnes Hermann

North County Times columnist Agnes Herman was guest speaker Wednesday, October 3, at Oceanside’s San Luis Rey Rotary Club. The 90-year-old Herman spoke on her writing career, the trials and prejudices of being a young Jewish writer in the 1930s, before World War II, and the joy she gets out of writing to and for senior citizens.

Tom Morrow (retired NC Times columnist)