2013/04/10 Kristie Hawthorne – History of Oceanside Airport


Kristie Hawthorne and Ron Rand

Kristie Hawthorne of the Oceanside Historical Society gave us an interesting overview of the four airfields that have existed in Oceanside. A side of Oceanside that is little known. Ranging from a location next to the ocean that was used to catapult gliders off the bluffs using a large elastic cord and 24 people to the site that was adjacent to Oceanside Boulevard.

2012/10/03 Agnes Hermann

North County Times columnist Agnes Herman was guest speaker Wednesday, October 3, at Oceanside’s San Luis Rey Rotary Club. The 90-year-old Herman spoke on her writing career, the trials and prejudices of being a young Jewish writer in the 1930s, before World War II, and the joy she gets out of writing to and for senior citizens.

Tom Morrow (retired NC Times columnist)

2012/09/26 Sizzler and Rotary donation to Military Outreach Ministry


Catherine Pham, Sally Myers, Faye Bell and Nerice Kaufman

Sally Myers and Catherine Pham of the SIzzler Restaurant group presented a check for $1000, which was matched by our club, to Faye Bell of the Military Outreach Ministry (MOM).

Faye then gave us a presentation of the wonderful support that her organization MOM gives to our troops. To name one of many ways they help military families they create baby shower type gift packages for new young families.

2012/09/19 – Christy Lundy

Christy Lundy of the Joe and Mary Mottino Family YMCA gave us an update of new developments at the Y. They now have a new look and emphasis on a stronger community. Thank you Christy for your informative talk and answering all our questions.

2012/09/05 Seniors’ Choice

Caryn Leventhal of Seniors’ Choice Professional Handyman Services gave us a thought provoking presentation on how we can improve our home environment for safety and livability. As we age many aspects of our homes can present dangers that we many not appreciate. Her company will survey the home and make simple suggestions that will make it possible to stay in our own home as we age.

Visit seniorschoicehandyman.com/